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JBB herbarium

The JBB herbarium is a public and regional collection, specialized in the flora of the Andean and paramouna life regions, becoming a reference of the flora of the Capital District and its area of influence.

The Herbarium of the Botanical Garden is part of the biological and scientific heritage that the institution holds, as heir to the most important scientific enterprise in the country at the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th century: The Botanical Expedition. Enrique Pérez Arbeláez, founder of the Bogotá Botanical Garden and the Institute of Botany (today the Institute of Natural Sciences -UN) was the naturalist who materialized José Celestino Mutis' desire to create an institution specialized in botany in the country.

The Botanical Garden, following this desire, is developed as an institution of scientific character in Bogota that safeguards the biological diversity of the ecosystems that are in its area of influence. Thus, it has promoted many investigations based on the study of flora, its composition, distribution, ecology, reproduction, and conservation, for which the herbarium is an important pillar and a fundamental support for these studies.

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